Surf Art Scene, Huntington Beach Surf City USA – Southern California (SoCal)

Waves Roar.
Silently Screaming.

Poetic Tides – Huntington Beach Surf City USA ®

The swirling lines and circular movement drew me in deeper to the blue sea. I was physically and emotionally drawn to the small piece of artwork that sat at the checkout counter of the Blend Café. I paid for a delectable looking almond croissant and coffee. Then I headed out for a stroll on the beach. 

As the wind blew and the waves crashed I couldn’t stop thinking about the flowing blue lines in the seemly wood cut image. At that moment I knew I had to go back.

Yes, that little gem was still at the Blend Cafe, a small piece of artwork by surf artist Alex Krastev of Huntington Beach, California. After further exploration I noticed Alex’s artwork was dotted throughout the newly opened Paséa Hotel and Spa. The room keys were even designed by him. After a little research I discovered that Alex Krastev was indeed a surfer, as well as a senior graphic designer for Rip Curl. His focus is in mixed media, which is one of my favorite artist mediums. Alex Krastev’s artist expression extends across T-shirts, paintings, and even guitars. Alex’s energy and passion for surfing permeates his artwork and calls to its new owner just as the sea calls to those that surf the waves in Huntington Beach.

Surf Artist Alex Krastev of Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach, Surf City USA®, offers the best of Southern California's (SoCal) laid back surfing culture. It embodies one of the most authentic surf lifestyles and 10 miles of uninterrupted coastlines. The miles of expansive beach are both wide and deep. The temperatures are warm and mild throughout the year and did I say, sunny, who doesn't love the sun. This perfect climate is the ideal setting for any outdoor activity. Whether it is riding bikes from Pedego or strolling on the beach, exploring the local shops and restaurants in Pacific City, learning to catch a wave with surf lessons from Toes on the Nose or horse back riding at the Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center you'll work up an appetite so grab a bite at the legendary Sessions West Coast Deli or Sandy's Beach Grill offers beautiful views and a true SoCal dining experience. Kickback on the exclusive roof top deck with a cocktail at the Treehouse and finally curl up in the laid back luxury at the Paséa Resort and Spa.

Surfing is a way of life here in SoCal’s Surf City USA. As the waves roll, the words flow and the poetry of the moment expands an artist’s vision. The laid back quality of life brings out the artistry in all of us.

Visit Huntington Beach Surf City USA®

Stay at Paséa Hotel and Spa

To learn more about Huntington Beach artist Alex Krastev visit his blog. 

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What is Art?

This is an age-old question and as an artist it is a question I ponder often. During my college days, I took a course on the Philosophy of Art. The question, “What is art?” was the topic of many discussions throughout the course. It was just that, a topic of debate as there is no definitive answer to this age-old question.

Recently, I was on a Familiarization (Fam) Tour in Phoenix, Arizona with a group of my colleagues. While onsite we ended up in the Scottsdale Gallery District. As we walked in and out of the galleries in Old Town, this question came up again. “What is art?” I don’t recall the name of the gallery or the name of the artist, but the piece of artwork I do recall…a large scale ceramic M&M priced at $250 and change. One of my colleagues said they liked the piece, even said they would buy it...if they could.

Is this art?

Was the artist inspired while creating this piece? Were they truly in the moment lost in a stream of consciousness while creating this artistic expression or did they create this as a form of “art that sells”, a consumer product at a price point that is within reach of the mainstream? Various artists featuring large-scale lipstick, packs of gum, tacos, and even a Viagra pill filled the gallery. Did these artists discover a niche or is it just ART as a commodity?

What is art anyway?

Guam, USA – Website Design

After the teams visit to Guam the sights, textures and feeling that Guam evoked, inspired our creative team. The design elements on the home page reflect shapes and patterns found in Guam's heritage. Latte Stone icons were included on the homepage to highlight information and provide links to further explore interior content pages of the site. The site design truly speaks to the beauty and activities that Guam has to offer.

Website & Mobile Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Interactive Art Director, Tim McCraley.

Website & Mobile Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Interactive Art Director, Tim McCraley.

Polarity Series – Mixed Media

This series was inspired by the polarity we face in our daily lives. Positive and negative situations help us to fine tune or to decide what we want to experience on a day-to-day basis. At every moment, we have the opportunity to choose how we react to events or situations. This polarity defines us and affects how we interact with the world around us.

Polarity Series – Lisa Love, Artist

Eau Claire, WI – Responsive Website Design

Visit Eau Claire wanted an edgy website and the creative team at Simpleview delivered that and more. Don't miss the unique sliders on the homepage that display content links and the masonry photo grid on the interior pages. This is a responsive website, so be sure to check it out on all of your web devices.

Responsive Website Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Interactive Designer, Eva Orduno.

Responsive Website Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Interactive Designer, Eva Orduno.

Currituck Outerbanks, NC – Responsive Website Design

Currituck County, NC is a region rich in history, serenity, sandy beaches, vineyards, golf courses and wild horses! The Currituck County Department of Travel & Tourism wanted a highly visual responsive website that is easily controlled by the Simpleview CMS. 

Responsive Website Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Senior Interactive Designer, John Duncan.

Responsive Website Design – Creative Director, Lisa Love. Senior Interactive Designer, John Duncan.