Artist, mom, wife, and design enthusiast. Lisa Love.


Capturing life's moments.

Inspiration fuels creativity and makes the world a beautiful place.


Lisa Love

Artist Statement

There is a basic undertone in my artwork that captures the human spirit and the heart of those who connect with it. It is likely to be inspired from a meditative moment and it embodies the essence of human nature. My daily life is experienced through a designers eye and this lays the foundation for my artwork. There is hidden meaning in everything I create and it beckons people to see beyond.

At every moment, we have the opportunity to choose how we react to events, situations or the elements. This polarity defines us and affects how we interact with the world around us. Blink. In a moment, we choose. Things change.

Artist Biography

Lisa Love’s journey as a fine artist began with a highly successful career as a graphic designer and design studio CEO.  Her focus on visual branding for some of the world’s leading companies earned her national and international recognition.  Lisa’s work as an executive director for an award-winning experience design group allowed her to travel the world extensively as the team designed and developed commercial websites for the tourism industry. Experiencing different cultures is at the heart of her travels and that essence is imbued into each piece of art that she creates.

Lisa blends an intuitive and spiritual vision with a singular passion for nature in her transcendent works of art. The result is as evocative as it is subtle.

Her paintings, mixed media, recycled art and photography collections have been featured in renown galleries throughout Arizona and are collected worldwide.

Lisa graduated cum laude from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Lisa has been a long time Arizona resident and currently resides in Tucson.



Front and center.

The oldest of four, from very humble beginnings. I have worked hard throughout my career to make dreams happen and provide a better life for my children. Now, my dream is to have the opportunity to create art that not only inspires but gives back to the community by establishing a charitable foundation. A gift that keeps on giving.